Guitar lessons in
Peine & Braunschweig

No matter what kind of musical style you prefer, the Guitar School Jackwert has the perfect way to enhance your guitar skills effectively:

Rock, Blues, Metal, Jazz, Classic or Pop, on the electrical guitar or the acoustic guitar, beginners or advanced learners, with or without notes.

Of course we will pay attention to your personal musical whishes and preferences!

In Braunschweig and Peine ...

... the Guitar School Jackwert is definitively the right school for you. Our for years successfully tested training concept of approved guidelines contains an education theoretically and technically funded.

Of course we will consider your own musical wishes as soon as each guitar player has different musical ideas.

Guitar player and Guitar Teacher

Guitar teacher, guitar player and musical educationalist Olaf Jackwert: Over 30 years experience on the guitar

Free guitar lesson

Simply send us an email an arrange your free guitar lesson in Peine or Braunschweig.

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Teaching professional guitar playing

Guitar teacher, guitar player and musical educationalist Olaf Jackwert: More than 30 years experience on the guitar.

The professional guitar teacher Olaf Jackwert teaches the following techniques on the electric guitar:

  • Sweep Picking
  • Fast Alternate Picking
  • Chordal Picking
  • Legato Playing
  • Tapping
  • Whammy Bar Technique
  • String Skipping
  • Single String Improvisation
  • Rock/Blues/Metal/Jazz/Funk/Latin/Rhythm/-Guitar
  • On the classical guitar the Guitar School Jackwert teaches mainly the Teuchert system with additional proven note material such as:

    Sor, Guiliani, Carcassi, Carulli, Tárrega, Bach, up to Villa-Lobos,
    Leo Brouwer.

    At the Guitar School Jackwert you can learn of course the latest songs
    of the charts.

  • More than 30 years experience on the guitar
  • Classical training at the University of Hildesheim
  • Academic studies at the Guitar Institute Of Technology
    (G.I.T.) / Los Angeles, USA
  • Various musical activities as live and studio musician
  • Publication of several own music CDs
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    Guitar Player and Guitar Tutor Olaf Jackwert

    Gitarrist und Gitarrenlehrer Olaf Jackwert

    GS Jackwert prices:

    • 100,- € / month for 45 minutes
      single lessons weekly
    • 75,- € / month for 30 minutes
      single lessons weekly
    • 60,- € / month for 30 minutes
      group lessons weekly

    GS Jackwert contact:

    • Guitar School Jackwert
      Tel. +49 (5171) 72749
      (Olaf Jackwert)
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    Guitar School Jackwert - guitar player and guitar teacher Olaf Jackwert